Bee-autiful Murals

Posted: May 22, 2015
Bee-autiful Murals

Here at Magenta the plight of the humble honeybee is something we are very passionate about. We were buzzing with excitement when we saw street artist Louis Masai Michel’s Save the Bees mural project.

The murals began popping up shortly after Michel returned from a trip to South Africa where he learnt about bees and the grave implications of colony collapse disorder.

Armed with this new knowledge he immediately set out to paint a series of murals incorporating bees on walls around London in May of last year. His fascination turned passion project proved hugely popular and has since spread to Bristol, Devon, Glastonbury, Croatia, New York, Miami, and New Orleans. Many of the bee works were done in collaboration with artist Jim Vision, including pieces in Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, and Hackney.

We can’t wait for one to pop up in Australia.