Coffee Causes Yawning Epidemic

Posted: June 5, 2015
Coffee Causes Yawning Epidemic

Coffee company, Café Pele, is responsible for a yawing epidemic in Brazil. Commuters at the Fradique Coutinho metro station in Sao Paolo have found themselves feeling sleepy thanks to an experimental, interactive digital billboard that featured people yawning, causing intense caffeine cravings.

The billboard was equipped with a motion detector that sensed when people were nearby; triggering the billboard to yawn each time someone passed it. Cameras placed on the train platform then captured the interesting results showing that many people yawned when they saw the billboard or as a result of seeing someone yawn who had just viewed the billboard.

It wasn’t all yawns and no gain though. Enter Café Pele who was on standby ready to come to the rescue and cure commuters’ caffeine lust with a free cup of coffee.

As they say yawning is contagious and Café Pele has found the perfect way to sell their coffee.