Design Your Life

Posted: February 27, 2015
Design Your Life

Internationally renowned designer Vince Frost, founder of the Frost* Collective is set to embark on a national speaker tour this March for his recently released design-inspired lifestyle and self-help book ‘Design Your Life’.

In this book, Frost draws on his 25 years of professional experience in the design industry and explains how we can apply design processes to our own life “to work better at living better”.

In the creative industry, and here at Magenta, it is our job to find design solutions to help other people work better, however this can often be overlooked on a personal level. In the upcoming talks hosted by AGDA, Frost will expand on his 15 principles of design to make personal change for the better.

Vince Frost will be speaking in Perth on Wednesday the 18th of March at The Oxford Hotel, Leederville. Head to the AGDA WA website for details.