Posted: July 17, 2015

Russian photographer Murad Osmann’s stunning photos of his globetrotting adventures with wife Natalia Zakharova will remedy your cabin fever and fulfill any wanderlust the cooler months may be causing.

In 2012, the world fell in love with Murad’s photos of Natalia leading him around the world by his hand. Since then he has amassed almost 3 million followers on Instagram, visited an enviable list of cities and last month finally married the woman who first inspired the #followmeto concept.

#followmeto was born from Murad’s love of travelling and Natalia’s impatience caused by the photographer in Murad who always needed to stop and take photos to capture their adventures.

As you scroll through @muradosmann it is impossible not to feel as if Natalia is dragging you to the next breathtaking location and admire her incredible sense of style.