Light Entertainment

Posted: May 29, 2015
Light Entertainment

Sydney’s annual Vivid Light, Music & Ideas Festival is back for another year and with it comes a spectacular array of events, art and creative experiences. Sydney-siders will be spoilt for choice with art and experiences to inspire every audience.

The city will be lit up with spectacular light shows, which will see original art created by world renowned artists projected onto the facades of some of the city’s most iconic buildings accompanied by original music.

‘Light Origami’ is a 3D light experience and collaboration between artists Masakazu Shirane (Japan) and Reuben Young (Australia). A feature of the festival, the installation features a walkthrough kaleidoscope of light and mirrors, where the audience becomes part of the vision.

‘Internal Galaxy’, a 6m shipping container filled with mirrors and lights is another installation set to inspire – the walkthrough experience is designed to allow each viewer a unique experience to change what they see and in doing so alter the perception of space in a mesmerising way.

Other events on the agenda include Grace Jones headlining ‘Modulations’ at Carriageworks, a special presentation by Matthew Weiner (multi-Emmy winning writer, creator and excutive producer of Mad Men), and Semi-Permanent, which will see a number of creative experts from across the globe share their experiences and inspiration.

The Vivid festival runs from the 22nd of May until the 8th of June and is a must-see for anyone in Sydney over the next couple of weeks.