“Nobody Knows You But You” (pour Homme et Femme)

Posted: September 4, 2015
“Nobody Knows You But You” (pour Homme et Femme)

Perth artist Stormie Mills has teamed up with curated retail space, Dilettante, for this year’s Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Windows of the City competition presented by the City of Perth.

Windows of the City is an opportunity for Perth’s fashion, food and lifestyle retailers to work with leading WA artists to transform their shop windows into art installations, enhancing the shopping experience for their customers.
In a bid to return the disposable to a place where it can once again be revered and admired, Stormie has created an installation work for Dilettante that explores the notion of “sedimentary consumerism”. He has done this by using compressed trash made of the packaging that contains Dilettante’s luxury goods.
The two resulting works are called “Nobody knows you but you” (pour Homme et Femme).
The title refers back to a person’s sense of self and how this is constructed through the clothing and fashion that they choose to wear in order to express their individuality. Like the boxes each has its own handwriting inviting us to ponder the ordinary and see it in a new light – where others see trash the viewer is asked to see beauty.

View the gallery and vote for your favourite windows here.