The Füd Revolution

Posted: July 10, 2015
The Füd Revolution

Gone are the days of the guilt trip to the vending machine with Melbourne based company The Füd Revolution on a mission to change the eating habits of time poor individuals and those who like to eat on the run.

Made of timber, The Füd Revolution vending machine is filled with jars of fresh made salads and food offering people more variety and delicious healthy meal options. It also caters to those on paleo, gluten free, vegan and sugar free diets.
The menu currently includes cleverly named meals such as “Get ya freekah on”, “Holy Granoly” and “What’s up dukkha”. Yes you can also choose to add a little protein in the form of roast chicken, boiled egg or falafel.
How is it possible that a vending machine can serve up fresh food? The machine is stocked daily with any leftovers distributed to the needy.