The Magic of the Dark Arts

Posted: June 19, 2015
The Magic of the Dark Arts

MONA’s annual weird and wonderful Winter Arts Festival Dark Mofo is in full swing having kicked off last Friday.

The twisted little sister of MONA FOMA, Dark Mofo is Tasmania’s answer to the Winter Solstice rituals the human race has been practicing since they first began to walk the earth.

Australia’s quirkiest festival is expected to lure over 150,000 creatures of the night to the coldest part of the country with festival organisers issuing the following foreboding warning, “Get ready for the darkness.”

Festival highlights include public art in the form of Bastiaan Maris’ Fire Organ located in Dark Park at Macquarie Point, avant-garde entertainment at the Hendrick’s Parlour of Curiosities, the mysterious Blacklist parties and Anthony McCall’s Night Ship embarking on a journey along the Derwent to its resting place at MONA each evening.

A special mention goes to performance artist, Marina Abramovic, whose exhibition ‘Private Archaeology’ will remain on display at MONA until 5 October, long after the conclusion of Dark Mofo.

Closing the festival this Sunday on what is the Southern Hemisphere’s shortest day of the year, revellers will partake in the Dark Mofo Nude Solstice Swim.

Dark MOFO continues to put Tasmania on the cultural map.