Their Heart On Their Sleeve

Artist: Frances Andrijich x Stormie Mills Year: 2017
Their Heart On Their Sleeve

A collaborative exhibition by Frances Andrijich and Stormie Mills

2 – 17 November 2017

Their friendship began almost 20 years ago when Frances captured Stormie’s portrait for his first-ever exhibition. Now for the first time they bring their crafts together in a series of unguarded moments.

Frances has captured the essence of each subject through her lens.
Stormie has then taken these images and painted a representation of the subjects’ internal portrait to connect the outside with the beauty within.

From a University Lecturer to an award-winning Mixologist, an Architect, FIFO worker and Furniture Maker, the one common thread these people share is the fact they have become a human canvas, choosing to carry a piece of Stormie’s artwork with them wherever they go.

In doing so they have become part of a global community who wear Stormie’s artwork from Rhode Island, New York, to Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the UK.

This is an intimate insight into humanity from the perspective of ten people who until now were nothing more than strangers to one another before a love of art and a photoshoot brought them together.

Opening Times
Mon – Fri: 10am – 5pm
10am – 2pm

Download the complete catalogue of works here.